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Effortless Form Design, Fast Turnaround Times

Designing visually appealing forms is a breeze with Rakenta's visual editor.

Simply place and arrange form elements like text boxes and number fields to suit your preferences.

Choose horizontal or vertical layouts, compact or spacious arrangements or add a unique touch.

Responsive by Default

With Rakenta, your forms are instantly responsive with no extra effort required. They'll look great on any device, big or small. Plus, you can customize the responsive breakpoint to suit your needs, and create forms with one to four column layouts for maximum versatility.

Delight your Clients with Faster Delivery

If you've hand-coded forms before, you'll know that what should be a thirty minute job often ends up taking days. Getting form elements positioned just right is difficult, especially with the trial and error of a text editor.

If it's a large form, bring coffee!

Now you can relax, lean back and smile. Rakenta solves ALL those problems for you. Cups of coffee required? 0.5

Conditional Sections

One key feature of Rakenta is "conditional sections." You can show or hide parts of the form based on previous selections. This is incredibly useful for large or complex forms. You wouldn't want to overwhelm your users with an intimidatingly long form, would you?

Real-time Online Calculations

One feature of Rakenta that you'll undoubtedly appreciate is its support for calculation fields. Just imagine how much value a calculation field can add to your form:
  • Generate totals, even with complex discount calculations
  • Provide instant estimates
  • Calculate sales tax
  • Estimate response time
  • And anything else you can envision!
The calculation field can be based on number inputs, dropdown values, radio box selections, or checkboxes. Setting it up is a breeze.

Seamless Integration

Integrate your Rakenta forms with any HTML website, WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, or any online store system that allows HTML code.

Experience the Freedom to Customize

There is a reason why Rakenta generates the raw HTML code instead of keeping it inaccessible through iframes or JavaScript – you can freely customize the generated code. Modify the HTML code to enhance the style and seamlessly match your website's design.

Currently, Rakenta supports two of the most popular CSS frameworks: Bootstrap and TailwindCSS. You can customize the generated HTML code to meet your website's needs in any way you see fit. Leveraging a familiar CSS framework makes customization incredibly simple and efficient.

Works Great Together

Rakenta makes building the HTML form a breeze. You still need a strong and dependable back-end to receive form submissions. That's where Ratufa comes in. Ratufa processes form submissions, sends email notifications, and provides a dependable, easily accessible data store to keep your form submissions safe and readily available.

Say goodbye to the days of configuring countless PHP scripts to manage your forms. Simply copy one line of code from Ratufa to your HTML page and witness the seamless stream of form submissions.

No Sign-Up Required

Build forms without signing up for Rakenta. However, registering saves time by saving your form designs for later modifications or reuse on multiple websites.
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